Since its establishment in 1985 in France, Promovert has focused on providing global services for testing plant protection products, Biological Control Agents (BCA), seed varieties, fertilizers and growing agents with the aim of supplying the market with products for nutrition and protection of crops.

Working under the latest EU regulations, Promovert has opened subsidiaries in several different European countries to offer full capability of programs in: France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Our project management team works to develop your products in the following service areas:

  • Fields trials for efficacy, crop safety, non-intentional effects (drift, beneficials), transformed products under Good Experimental Practices (GEP)
  • Laboratory work including nematological analysis and trials in climatic chambers.
  • Residue studies on crops, soil, leaching studies,¬†dislodgeable foliar residue, OPEX studies, processing studies on olive oil, wine and fruit juices¬†according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
  • Regulatory Affairs department offering project management of dossier preparation through data gap analysis, Draft Registration Report (DRR), Biological Assessment Dossier (BAD), risk exposure evaluations and administrative documents such as: Experimental Use Permit (EUP),

We have 50 staff working in Europe on your projects and conduct more than 750 trials per year.

We use specialist equipment dedicated to experimentation for sowing, harvesting, spraying, soil sampling with greenhouses and climatic chambers.
Experimentation is our core activity with the objective of getting fully successful trials.

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